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"A massage from Elizabeth is an investment in a healthy you! Her treatments have become a necessary part of my health and wellness plan and I look forward to being pampered each month."


"I have traveled all over the world and received massages from most of those places and I also get massage twice a month where I live, in Arkansas. I came to visit Kentucky and heard about Elizabeth and made a massage appointment with her. It was THE BEST massage I have ever received. She is AMAZING! Thank you Elizabeth for your wonderful healing touch."


"Elizabeth had given me many massages before I developed 6th Nerve Palsy that caused double vision. She did some research and found that CranioSacral Massage could help the condition. We did two sessions and found that it help tremidiously. I know that her sessions contributed to it going away."

"Elizabeth's massages make my Fibromyalgia more manageable and helps to give me more energy, rather than feeling tired all of the time. Her massages take away the pain and stiffness I would feel on a daily basis. After my diagnosis, I didn't know if I would feel normal again, but since I've been getting massage, I do."


"Elizabeth is an excellent massage therapist. She goes right to the problem area and deep enough to where it feels good, but is not uncomfortable. She has a magical touch and works out the trigger points each time."


"A relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Elizabeth's expertise was evident as she worked with the trouble spots and eased the soreness away.


"I can't believe how much better I felt afterwards! My chronic lower back pain is gone and my neck and upper back area is so much better! I will be going back again."


"I have had many massages across town and have never been completely satisfied. But Elizabeth did a fantastic job at asking me what I needed and wanted and assessed my level of comfort and pressure throughout the duration of the massage."


“The level of service that this massage therapist, Elizabeth provides is fantastic! Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and how much she cares about my well being. Thank you Elizabeth!”


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a massage therapist you can count on to actually get rid of your pain! Elizabeth Slone was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the massage I received was outstanding. My pain is gone and I feel great! Keep up the good work!”


"I wished I had found Elizabeth a year ago! I have tried several massage therapists and no one else has come close to giving me pain relief as effective as this. After the first session, I was convinced. Best massage experience in Lexington!"


A Special Testimonial

"I was severely injured with numerous broken bones, contusions and muscular distress when I got broad sided by a truck while riding my bicycle in 2002. The accident also aggravated a previous lower back injury. After 2 years of intense physical therapy, recovery, and settlement with the insurance company, I was looking for help to continue my own maintenance since there was continued pain and stiffness, especially in my left upper shoulder. I went Lexington Healing Arts for a massage. As good fortune would have it, Elizabeth Slone was my massage therapist, during her time of hands-on practice, finishing her requirements for graduating from massage school. I learned later that she was somewhat apprehensive to work on me based on my previous injuries. However, during our first session, she was able to move my shoulder blade back into place, moving it about half an inch in the process. With the dramatic movement and how much she was able to help me, it may have been a turning point in her decision to concentrate her practice on therapeutic/healing massage. Since then she has been a total partner in my continued therapy and rehabilitation. Elizabeth had learned neuromuscular therapy massage on the shoulder, in a bodywork course, and relieved a majority of a nagging pain, earlier this year, that had lingered eight years after the accident. At the same time, a significant range of motion was increased that had been limited before that break through."

"I heartily recommend Elizabeth Slone for her skills, natural talent, intuitiveness, technical abilities, attitude, professionalism, and dedication for helping improve the well being, pain relief, mobility, muscle tightness, flexibility, and overall continued maintenance in order to live the most effective and vibrant life possible."


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